Treating Cerebral Palsy

You can find many options for the effective treatment for cerebral palsy in Dubai. It causes disorders in the muscle movement and coordination. This impairs vision, hearing and the body sensation. The proper functioning of the brain is also essential as any defect can result in to a significant loss of muscle coordination and body movement. Injury to brain and its abnormal development is the reason for cerebral palsy.

Seizures, tremors, swallowing issues are all signs of cerebral palsy. The affected person has difficulty in walking and even communicating. Simple movements, even rolling over becomes difficult as the muscles movement is affected by it. Cerebral palsy has no permanent cure, the condition can be improved but there is no permanent cure for it.

How to Treat Cerebral Palsy

Physical Therapy

Cerebral palsy treatment starts with therapies in the initial years of diagnoses. There are many endocrinologists in UAE who you should consult as well when initiating any treatment. The more insight you have of a condition, the more options you have to tread the path of recovery. Physical therapy constitutes exercises and activities that cause maximum body movement. The therapy includes occupational therapy, recreational therapy, and communication therapy.


To relax the muscles so that there are minimum abnormal movements, you will find certain medications. These may be oral or infused into the blood stream through injections. Some of the medicines need to be infused into the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord through a pump.

Technological Assistance

The technological advancement has made it possible to use special computer-based communication machines, crutches, and shoes that help in walking and carrying out the daily activities.


Severe conditions lead to surgical solutions to the problem. The stiff muscles are loosened up by elongation. The abnormality of the spine can also be improved through effective surgery. But before going for a surgery, thorough tests and monitoring should be done to analyze the situation and weigh the outcomes.

Orthotic devices

To improve movement there are devices that can help. Braces, casts, and splints are imbedded in the affected limbs to improve the situation.

These are few of the measures that are taken for treating Cerebral Palsy. The symptoms and intensity of the condition varies from person to person. Every case is distinct from another, but the signs and problems associated with it are known and fall in that range only.