Rules to healthy eating in Ramadan

It is not easy for everyone to get through in Ramadan fasting in this scorching heat and not be budged. This is the reason that most of the people do make meals plans Abu Dhabi, but end up ruining them and giving in to the oily snacks. But before you do that, trust us healthy food delivery Dubai is going to save you. Keep on reading to find out why or how:

  • Start preparing for day long thirst from iftar

Loading your stomach with loads of water at the last moment on sahur is not a great idea trust us because it is only going to make you pee and flush out all of it. What you need to do instead is that start loading on water from iftar to sahur time with glasses of water every hour. This way you will stay hydrated and you wouldn’t have to be thirsty all day long. Hydration is the key here.

  • Avoid sugar at all costs

We all want something sugary to enjoy the roza and be treated with some wholesome goodness but unfortunately it does very little for your body and digestive system. Your sweet cravings are not going to be settled with one or two spoons and you would eventually end up eating the entire tub of ice cream. Instead replace it with fruits and enjoy the natural sweetness which comes in various flavours.

  • Enjoy everything

We know they say that avoid oil, sugar, excessive salt and life in general but that doesn’t have to be the case as you simply need control and you will be good to go. You can enjoy everything and every food as long as you make sure you are not exceeding the limit. Try eating simpler meals and save the goodness for Eid.

  • Remove oil

Yes we mean remove oil from all the foods. You may think that this is completely impossible as oil is one of the main ingredients in the dishes but you can surely minimize the amount of oil in your foods. If you are having fried items then let the tissue absorb the oil and maybe avoid the amount of oil that you consume. Other than that, trust us there is no dish in this world which cannot be made without oil. You just have to know the right recipe.