Firewalls – Why do I need one?

For those who don’t know, computer firewalls are basically bits of software or hardware that are meant to help users screen out viruses, hackers and worms that might be trying to access their computers by means of the internet. The utilization of a firewall acquired through a Fortigate reseller in Abu Dhabi is one of the best means of protecting your computer, particularly for home users and small business users. Although the usage of a firewall does not guarantee complete security for your computer, it will at least provide you with an efficient first line of defense against unwanted viruses and more.

You need to bear in mind the fact that there are a number of ways other than worms, viruses and Trojan horses through which computers can easily be attacked. As a first line of defense, having an effective firewall in place is a must for all.

Firewalls are basically responsible for monitoring the different bits of communication that occur between your computer and the internet. To clear things out, computer firewalls know what kind of communication and information should be allowed to be flown in and out. The reason why they have this bit of information is because they have something known as an ‘access control list’. These are basically a set of rules that specify the type of communication that is allowed as well as the type that needs to be blocked out. This way, users can be assured that any unwanted communication will be blocked by their computer.

Types of firewalls available these days

There are two basic types of firewalls available these days. This includes hardware based firewalls and software. Hardware computer firewalls are basically devices that are connected to the network in such a manner that any communication flowing in and out of a computer must pass through it. This way, it allows the firewall to decide whether a certain piece of communication is to be allowed to flow or should it be blocked. On the other hand, software firewalls are programs that perform the very same function. However, software firewalls are restricted to protecting the computer they are running on, whereas hardware firewalls can protect all of the computers that are present on a certain network. The decision of which firewall you should use depends heavily on your individual or business requirements. Look at here for further information in this regard.