Advantages of bringing Augmented Reality in Classrooms

Augmented reality is a technology that adds digitized creatures and texts into reality. Your pictures with SnapChat’s filters are example of AR. The technology has given new dimension to the field of education and give gateway to teachers and educationists to make classrooms more creative and craft more comprehendible lessons. There are many companies that provide the services of augmented reality in Dubai. These companies use hologram technology in Dubai to make their designs and coding successful. There are many advantages of brining AR in classrooms. Some of them are:

Understandable content: AR combines our reality with virtual texts and creatures; therefore, the technology can be used to turn a complex concept into understandable lesson. Teachers can use augmented reality to craft science lessons and mathematics concepts to build students’ concepts. Besides, the technology can be used to make literature lessons comprehendible. Schools are established with an objective to provide a platform where they could learn to practice how to live in this world. Understandable lessons help a person to find lessons and lectures more useful and applicable in this world.

Memory retention: Majority of us remember 90 percent of those things what we actually do and then what we see. AR gives students a ground and gateway to see students the result of friction and addition visually by using their devices and application. Teachers can create 3d worksheets on these apps to help in learning the concepts of scientific subjects. Educationists and curriculum designers can use the applications and technology to add the elements of storytelling and creativity in lessons to make it it easier for students to memorize. If lessons could not be remembered by students well, then they of no use. It won’t help students to expand their minds and grow themselves mentally. AR helps teachers and syllabus makers to design creative content which they can remember for long time.

Two-way communication: Teaching is not about giving or passing knowledge to younger ones or students. It is more about using communicative skills with creativity, storytelling, listening and interpersonal skills to interact with students and know their opinions and thoughts about the lessons. The more they communicate with students, the better the lesson will be transferred. However, it is not easy to initiate the talk in class with students. AR can help teachers to interact with students. It will help them to build two-way communication in class in which students will help each other to learn the lessons and turn a classroom into informative sessions where ideas and thoughts will be discussed and expressed.