Common myths about trademark protection

Trade marking is one of the very important legal tasks which every business and organization have to invest in because this is their identity and no one can afford losing it at  any costs. But there are many myths that surround the task, which we will debunk today. Keep on reading to find how to register a trademark in UAE for RAK offshore company formation and not fall for the misguiding concepts.

  • You don’t need professional legal guidance for process

Registering a bookmark is not easy at all. When you start filling off the forms, you may want to deny us as it may seem easy to start off with but there are so many teeny tiny details which you can easily overlook and they can create a hindrance and become a reason in rejection of your trade mark request. According to a survey, most of the applications refused were the ones which had a dire need of issues and missing things to be addressed by a professional.

  • Trademark registration is expensive

This is a straight up myth and nothing else. The process of registering a trademark is extremely affordable with simple and affordable charges despite the highly confusing registration method. But if you will be aiming for rebranding, it is going to cost you a little. So we would recommend you on saving in the registry process and investing in professional consultation so that you can gain maximum benefits of it.

  • If you can’t afford litigation, you can’t use your rights

Now that you have got your trademark registration done, you will think that litigation is a lengthy process and if someone has ended up using your trademark, but you don’t have the resources to afford litigation then there is nothing which can be done, which is wrong. There can be many different and simpler options to resolve the dispute quickly that your legal consultant can guide you about, so again, invest in legal advice to avoid confusing situations.

  • No one can ever use your brand name again

Trademarking your brand name does not specifically mean that no one can ever use your brand name again. This stands true only for your specified field as brands in the other field can easily use your same brand name and if the name is descriptive, it can be used to describe different types of products in different fields.