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How to Maintain Office Furniture?

Office furniture is expensive. It requires lot of initial investment whether you buy new or used furniture. Proper care will help you to maintain your office equipment for several years without any major repairs and in same new condition. You need to follow the instructions given in the booklet for caring office furniture. Manufacturers usually provide instructions on how to care for each type of the furniture.
Frequent dusting will prevent termites attack on your wooden furniture. Soft and dry cloth can be used to remove accumulated dust from office furniture. You may need to apply wood protectors at least once or two years. You can use insect killing sprays and sealants at regular intervals to keep the wooden furniture free from the attack of termites etc.
How to Care for Sofas with fabric?
Sofas with fabric can be cleaned with vacuum cleaners. Regular dusting of sofas will retain its shining and texture. Protecting covers and sheets used for sofas and other chairs need to be washed at least once a week. It keeps the furniture neat and fresh.
Steel safes, cupboards and chairs can be cleaned with soft / dry cloth. You can also use mild detergent to clean stains etc. on the stainless steel surfaces. Carbon steel furniture should not be exposed to wet climate, as they will rust and get damaged over a period of time. Stainless steel will last for several years even in damp climates. Therefore, offices working in damper climates need to give importance in choosing climate resistant furniture.
Regular cleaning of the office premises is essential to keep your furniture free from dust and other particles. You also need to ensure proper ventilation for your office furniture.
You can also seek the advice of professional cleaners in your area to safeguard expensive office furniture. Bleach should not be used to remove stains on office furniture. You need to apply stain removers on unseen portion and see its effects before applying on entire portion. It prevents any damage caused by the stain removers.

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